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BTB Cosmetics Vegan SiliconeBased Lubricant 100 ML - LT2410

BTB Cosmetics Vegan SiliconeBased Lubricant 100 ML - LT2410

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BTB Cosmetics presents Vegan SIlicone Based Lubricant 100 ML - LT2410

 If you need an ultra-resistant lubrication, this silicone-based gel
 is definitely the best for you. The combination of synthesized products
 ensures the highest lubrication and last at least as long as you!
 The silicone-based intimate lubricant has a formula with less than four
 ingredients and no water at all; it is not absorbed through the skin or 
mucous membranes for a longer lasting effect. MAI's Back To Basics silicone
 based lubricant provides a silk effect, contains no volatile silicones,
 is thicker and has a higher velvet feel than the other products on the
 market and guarantees a long-lasting and smooth glide, ideal for the
 highest quality lubricant in all special situations that can stimulate
 your fantasy: under water (in the shower or bath) without reducing sliding,
 or for a long erotic massage of intimate parts.

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BTB Cosmetics was conceived with a very specific goal: providing a complete service to our customers by introducing a new line of basic items in our product range, universal best sellers guaranteed by our MAI Cosmetics quality standards.

This is the perfect cross selling strategic line, the support that was missing! Now everything will be easier and safer, since our faithful customer that likes our world-wide known brand will find in our shops also the new BTB basic Lubricant range with the particular features and 100% safe, non-toxic and lab tested ingredients of a MAI collection…

The MAI Cosmetics attention to the details is visible thanks to our modern and fashionable packaging with clear indications

BTB COSMETICS is based in Europe so high quality production standards. Our mission is to promote innovative, EU-produced lines for erotic cosmetics. Our lines are certified and conceived in the respect of the environment, of workers' and animals' rights, for a market that is evolving and more and more attentive to quality and wellbeing.

BTB Cosmetics

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