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Bossoftoys Gladiator penis extender 6.5 inch / 16 cm - 21-00014

Bossoftoys Gladiator penis extender 6.5 inch / 16 cm - 21-00014

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bossoftosy introduces the gladiator extender 16 cm

Bossoftoys presents unique Gladiator penis - 6.5 inch / 16 cm - 21-00014

packed in full colour box

Realistically shaped body inlay. It was made of high quality cyber skin. Super stretchy, perfectly fitting. Fits most types of member or vibrator. This material, like real human skin, heats up quickly, adjusting to body temperature. This guarantees top-notch, realistic experience.
With this overlay you can easily lengthen and thicken your penis, thanks to which you and your partner will enjoy even greater satisfaction with sex.
The natural shape has been profiled taking into account all anatomical details.
Total length: 16 cm.
Thickens by 1.3 cm.

this realistic penis extender looks really like real , you will feel the touch from a real man

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