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A4 Envelope 229 x 324mm 10 Pieces

A4 Envelope 229 x 324mm 10 Pieces

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Welcome to our A4 envelopes, the perfect choice for any business or personal mailing. These envelopes are of high quality and ensure safe and professional delivery of your documents, letters or invoices.

Our A4 envelopes measure 229 x 324mm and are available in packs of 10. They are made from high quality paper weighing 100g/m2, making them strong and durable while providing a professional look.

With their rectangular shape and classic white color, these envelopes suit any occasion and any company. Whether it concerns sending important documents or your business communications, our A4 envelopes ensure safe and reliable shipping.

Furthermore, these envelopes are compatible with most printers, making it easy to print them with your logo, address or other important information. This allows you to convey your brand or corporate identity in a professional manner.

In short, our A4 envelopes are the ideal solution for any business or personal shipment. With their high quality and professional appearance, they ensure safe and reliable delivery of your documents. Order a pack of 10 now and experience the convenience and quality of our A4 envelopes!

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