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Cup Holder Clip - Always keep your drink within reach!

Cup Holder Clip - Always keep your drink within reach!

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Are you tired of constantly holding your drink during outdoor activities, parties or just at home? Then meet the Cup Holder Clip, the handy solution to always have your cup at hand. This clever clip allows you to securely and securely attach your favorite drink to various surfaces, leaving your hands free and enjoying the moment. Discover the versatility and convenience of the Cup Holder Clip.


  • Product: Cup Holder Clip
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Dimensions: About 17 cm
  • Colours: Assorted in grey, blue and black
  • Packaging: Hanging packaging for easy presentation and storage

Always keep your drink within reach: With the Cup Holder Clip you no longer have to worry about constantly holding your drink. You can easily attach the clip to tables, chairs, garden fences, camping equipment and much more. This way you always have your cup within reach and you can enjoy your favorite drink unhindered, whether it is a refreshing juice, a delicious cocktail or just water.

Durable Plastic Material for Long Lasting Use: Our Cup Holder Clip is made of high quality plastic material which is both durable and reliable. It is designed to last a long time and withstand daily use and different weather conditions. Whether you're having an outdoor activity or using the clip indoors, you can trust it to remain sturdy and functional.

Stylish color variation for personal preference: The Cup Holder Clip comes in an assorted set of three colors: gray, blue and black. This allows you to choose a color that suits your personal preference or the occasion for which you are using the clip. Whether you choose a neutral gray color, a vibrant blue shade or a timeless black variant, the clip adds a touch of style to your drink.

Convenient hanging packaging for easy presentation: The Cup Holder Clip comes in hanging packaging, making it easy to store and present the clips in your store or at your point of sale. The packaging also makes it convenient to hang the clips for customers to choose from, increasing the attractiveness and accessibility of the product.

Discover the convenience and versatility of the Cup Holder Clip. Order today and enjoy your drink without the hassle!

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