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Beer glass in the shape of a Woman's Torso 500ml

Beer glass in the shape of a Woman's Torso 500ml

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This striking beer glass is designed in the shape of a Woman's Torso and is perfect for beer lovers looking for a unique and quirky drinking experience. With a capacity of approximately 500 ml and a height of 25 cm, this glass is ideal for serving a nice cold beer.


  • Beer glass in the shape of a woman's torso
  • Suitable for approximately 500 ml of beer
  • Height of approx. 25 cm

This beer glass is designed with an eye for detail and has the shape of a female upper body, including breasts and a waist. The glass has a smooth finish and fits comfortably in the hand while drinking.

This beer glass is made of high-quality glass, which is durable and sturdy and will last a long time under normal use. The glass is suitable for serving all types of beer and can also be used for other drinks.

This beer glass is perfect for use at parties, drinks or just for a relaxing evening at home. The glass is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. However, it is recommended to wash it by hand to extend its lifespan.

If you are looking for a beer glass with a quirky look, this Female Torso beer glass is a great choice. It's perfect for any occasion and will certainly be a talking point among your guests. Order now and add this unique beer glass to your collection!

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