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Ink'd Tattoo Total Care Body Oil

Ink'd Tattoo Total Care Body Oil

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Inx'd Tattoo presents Total Care Body Oil

 Product description
 Inx'd presents unique complete Tattoo Care Oil

 Skin Academy INK'D Nourishing Body Oil 75 ml
Apply as an overnight treatment to give your tattoo some extra nourishment.
 Added antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients help maintain
 the clarity of your tattoo while you sleep, keeping it looking as good
 as new.
The Care Line for Tattoos

 INK'D TATTOO CARE is the paraben-free, intensively protective and
 caring line for long-term color retention of tattoos. Anyone who has had
 a tattoo (or permanent make-up) done naturally wants to keep it as long
 as possible in terms of color intensity. Factors such as sunlight,
 bathing and showering, but also the natural cell renewal and aging of
 the skin all influences the color, quality and durability of tattoos.
 Specialized care is therefore indispensable. With the INK'D TATTOO CARE
 LINE, SKINACADEMY offers targeted products that ensure that tattoos
 remain beautiful for as long as possible.

Intensive Care Oil

This product provides daily rich hydration and nutrition to the skin
 with tattoos. This intensively caring and protective body oil contains
 a rich mix of natural oils from sunflower, coconut and Sacha Inchi in
 combination with vitamins C and E. The added flower extract of the
 Champagne leaf plant strengthens the natural collagen in the skin.
 This helps to ensure that the skin with tattoos remains beautiful and
 youthful for a long time. 


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