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Warnings Signs 6 Models Approx. 25cm

Warnings Signs 6 Models Approx. 25cm

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With this set of 6 warning signs you create clarity at parties and events. The signs each measure approximately 25 cm and feature striking text in different colors. There are signs for "Girls Only", "Boys Only", "VIP Area", "No Beer Limit", "Girls On Wine" and "Telephone Forbidden".

The signs are made of sturdy material and can be easily attached using the supplied strings. This makes them ideal for use at parties, events or in catering establishments where clarity is required.

For example, the "Girls Only" and "Boys Only" signs are ideal for demarcating specific areas at parties. The "VIP Area" sign indicates where the VIPs are located and the "No Beer Limit" sign can help limit alcohol consumption at parties.

With the "Girls On Wine" and "Telephone Forbidden" signs you indicate clear rules for your guests. The material of the signs is sturdy enough to be used repeatedly and the included strings make it easy to attach them.

In short, with this set of warning signs you can easily create clarity and structure at your party or event.

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