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Lolly's Piemel 4 Models 50 gr 1 Piece

Lolly's Piemel 4 Models 50 gr 1 Piece

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Our Lolly's Piemel is a delicious candy that is available in four different models. Each piece weighs 50 grams and is perfect for those looking for a sweet treat. The four available models are:

  • Dick With Face With Tongue
  • Dick With Face
  • Dick Without Face
  • Women's Body

Whether you're looking for a fun addition to your hen party or just want something sweet to enjoy, our Piemel Lollipops are a great choice. Each piece is carefully made with quality ingredients and has a delicious taste you won't soon forget.

Moreover, our Lolly's Piemel are also perfect as a gift for friends or as an addition to a gift package. Order now and discover for yourself why so many people are fans of our delicious Lolly's Piemel!

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