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Piemel Candles - Playful Atmosphere Makers in Beige, Pink and Purple (Set of 5)

Piemel Candles - Playful Atmosphere Makers in Beige, Pink and Purple (Set of 5)

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The Piemel Candles are perfect accessories to add a spicy and playful atmosphere to any occasion. With a set of 5 candles in three different colors - beige, pink and purple - these candles bring a naughty twist to your parties, romantic evenings or just for some extra fun.

Playful Details:

  • Set of 5 candles: Each package contains five candles, giving you enough candles to light multiple occasions.

  • Three different colours: Choose from the seductive colors of beige, pink and purple to create the perfect atmosphere that suits your style and preference.

  • Length including pick: The candles have a total length of approximately 8 cm, including the pick. This makes them easy to place in cakes, desserts or other decorative pieces.

Perfect Atmosphere Makers:

  • Playful and mischievous atmosphere: Add a playful touch to bachelor parties, birthdays, theme parties or romantic evenings. These candles are perfect to take the atmosphere to a new level.

  • Quality and safety: The candles are made of high-quality materials that are safe to burn. Enjoy the enchanting glow without worrying about safety.

  • Versatility: Whether you use them to decorate a birthday cake, organize a surprise party or simply want to create a romantic evening at home, these candles are versatile.

Create a playful and seductive atmosphere with the Piemel Candles. Order today and let your imagination run wild during your next party or romantic evening.

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