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Simple Cardboard Mask 4 Models 6 Pieces

Simple Cardboard Mask 4 Models 6 Pieces

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Add some color and shine to your party with this set of 6 multi-colored metallic masks. Whether you are celebrating a children's party, theme party or carnival, these masks create a festive and mysterious atmosphere. With their vibrant colors and shimmering metallic finish, these masks are a guaranteed hit at any party.


  • Type: Mask
  • Contents: 6 masks
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Suitable for: Children's party, Theme party, Carnival
  • Dimensions: 21 cm (height) x 7.5 cm (width)
  • Material: Cardboard

Vibrant and Shimmering Colors: This set of 6 masks offers a range of multi-color options. The vibrant shades and shimmering metallic finish give a striking and festive look to your face. These masks catch the light and make you shine like the life of the party.

Versatile and suitable for different parties: Whether it is a children's party, theme party or carnival, these multi-colored metallic masks are versatile. They add a playful and mysterious dimension to any occasion. Let your imagination run wild and create unique characters and costumes with these masks.

Perfect dimensions for comfortable wearing: With a height of 21 cm and a width of 7.5 cm, these masks have the ideal dimensions for a comfortable fit. They subtly cover the eyes and provide enough space to breathe freely. Thanks to their light weight and elastic strap, they are easy and safe to wear.

Durability and ease of use: These multi-color metallic masks are made of sturdy cardboard, which ensures durability and long-lasting use. The cardboard is lightweight and easy to handle, making wearing the masks comfortable throughout the party. Once finished, they can easily be stored away for future parties.

Add a colorful touch to your party: With the Multi-Colored Metallic Masks - Set of 6 you can turn any party into a colorful and festive spectacle. Unleash your creativity and transform yourself into a lively and mysterious figure. These masks are a great addition to your party accessories and will create unforgettable moments.

Order your set of 6 multi-coloured metallic masks today and let your party sparkle with color and shine.

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