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Tiara With Dick XL + 5 Rings - The Perfect Game for a Fun Bachelor Party!

Tiara With Dick XL + 5 Rings - The Perfect Game for a Fun Bachelor Party!

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Add some naughtiness to the bachelor party with this hilarious Tiara With Piemel XL and the accompanying rings. This game creates laughter, fun and a vibrant atmosphere during the party. Ideal for bachelor parties, girls' nights or other occasions where a little playfulness is welcome.


  • Tiara With Penis XL: The striking tiara features an XL penis at the top, making the bachelor the center of attention and immediately putting everyone in the party mood.

  • 5 Rings: The game comes with 5 rings, so everyone can try to throw the rings on the penis of the tiara. A hilarious challenge that provides lots of fun and competition.

Fun and Entertainment:

  • Perfect for Bachelorette Parties: This game is specially designed to make the bachelorette party extra fun and memorable. It provides hilarious moments and creates a lively atmosphere.

  • Simple and Easy: The game is simple to play and does not require any complicated rules. Everyone can join and enjoy the game.

Make the bachelor party an unforgettable experience with the Tiara With Penis XL + 5 Rings. Order today and ensure laughter, fun and playfulness during the party!

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