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Bubble Plastic Envelopes Metallic 3 Colors 33x23cm

Bubble Plastic Envelopes Metallic 3 Colors 33x23cm

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Introducing the Timmy Toys PP002 Envelope, a versatile and colorful addition to your stationery collection.

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Timmy Toys PP002 Envelope
  • Size: 33x23cm
  • Colors: Assorted (3 colors)
  • Quantity: 1 Piece

Description: The Timmy Toys PP002 Envelope is a practical and fun choice for mailing or organizing documents, letters, or special items. This pack includes 1 envelope in assorted colors, adding variety to your stationery collection. Each envelope measures 33x23cm, providing ample space for your needs.

With its vibrant colors and functional design, the Timmy Toys PP002 Envelope is suitable for all ages and purposes. Whether you're sending messages, storing important papers, or adding a touch of creativity to your stationery, this envelope offers both style and practicality. Keep your documents safe and organized in a colorful way with this single envelope.

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