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Personalize Any Birthday With Our Name Candles In 100 Different Names

Personalize Any Birthday With Our Name Candles In 100 Different Names

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Add a personal touch to any birthday celebration with the Timmy Toys Riethmuller Personalized Birthday Candles . Specially designed to put the birthday boy or girl in the spotlight, these candles come in a wide range of names, each created to make birthday celebrations even brighter. Whether you're a party planner or a last-minute shopper, these candles are sure to be the highlight of any birthday cake:

  • Personalized Names : Choose from an extensive range of names such as Alina, Anke, and many others, to add a personal touch to any birthday.
  • Two-Tone Design : Choose between two elegant colors to match the birthday theme or the recipient's preference.
  • Quality Craft : Made of top quality wax for reliable burning time and perfect wish moment.
  • Sturdy Placement : Each candle has a sturdy base for a secure position on any cake style.
  • Food Safe Guarantee : Non-toxic and safe for use around all guests and food products.
  • Gift-Ready Packaging : Packaged in an attractive packaging, ready to be given as a gift.

Expand your party supplies at with Timmy Toys Riethmuller Birthday Candles . Now every customer can find a candle with their loved one's name, making every birthday that little bit extra special. Invite your customers to light up their celebrations with these charming, name-centered birthday candles!

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