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Whale Bath Sprinkler

Whale Bath Sprinkler

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Make bathing a magical experience for young and old with the Walvis Bath Sprinkler!

Looking for a fun and surprising way to make bath time more exciting? The Walvis Bath Sprinkler is exactly what you need. This cute whale-shaped water sprinkler makes bathing not only fun, but also educational. Here are some features and benefits of this great product:

  1. Interactive Game : The Whale Bath Sprinkler gently sprays water from its blowhole, providing an interactive play experience for children. They can try to catch the water or just have fun playing with the water jet.

  2. Educational : While children play with the whale, they can also learn about marine animals and whale anatomy. It's a fun and educational way to stimulate their curiosity.

  3. Easy Operation : Simply attach the Whale Bath Sprinkler to the side of the bath using the suction cup. Fill it with water and press the button to start spraying. It is easy to use even for young children.

  4. Safe and Child-Friendly : Made of high-quality, non-toxic material, this sprinkler is completely safe for children to play with. The gentle water jet design prevents children from getting hurt.

  5. Entertainment for All Ages : Not just for kids! Adults can also enjoy the relaxing and fun experience that the Whale Bath Sprinkler provides while bathing.


  • Material : Durable plastic
  • Color : Blue with a cute whale design
  • Batteries : Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

Add some fun and excitement to bath time with the Whale Bath Sprinkler. Order today and turn every bathing experience into an adventurous trip to the ocean for young and old!

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