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Zwaluw Matches 5 Pack - Reliable Fire Starters for Every Occasion

Zwaluw Matches 5 Pack - Reliable Fire Starters for Every Occasion

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The Zwaluw matches have been an iconic and reliable brand in the Netherlands since 1985. These matches have proven to be the favorite choice for many Dutch people, and that is no coincidence. They are not only a symbol of starting a fire, but also of quality and safety.

Characteristics of the Swallow Matches:

  • Meeting Safety Standards: During the production process, Zwaluw matches are continuously subjected to strict testing to meet the highest safety standards. This means you can start a fire with confidence.

  • Made in Sweden: The matches are made in Sweden by Swedish Match Industries. Sweden offers ideal conditions for production, with availability of Aspen wood and a cool and constant temperature.

  • Unique Wood: Aspen wood used for these matches is both flexible and strong. This makes it ideal for making matches without shattering.

  • Easy to Use: Using these matches is simple. Strike vigorously away from the body and hold the match horizontally for a few seconds. This is how you create safe and reliable fire.

Why Choose Zwaluw Matches:

  • Reliable Performance: With Zwaluw matches you are assured of reliable performance. Whether lighting candles, the fireplace or the barbecue, these matches do their job every time.

  • Safety First: Safety comes first at Zwaluw. The production process and quality tests guarantee that you have a safe product in your hands.

  • Tradition and Trust: With decades of tradition and the trust of millions of users, Zwaluw matches are a symbol of quality and firestarting in the Netherlands.

Choose the reliability and safety of Zwaluw Matches and make sure you always have a fire starter at hand. Order them today and experience the quality that the Netherlands has relied on for decades!

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