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Handy Magnetic Phone Holder for the Car - Available in 3 Colors: Red, Blue and Black

Handy Magnetic Phone Holder for the Car - Available in 3 Colors: Red, Blue and Black

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Do you want to use your phone safely and easily while driving? Then this magnetic phone holder is the ideal solution! With its strong magnet and simple mounting system, it ensures that your phone is always within reach, without distracting you from the road.

Safe and reliable

  • The magnetic phone holder provides a safe and stable place for your phone in the car, allowing you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and your attention on the road.
  • The strong magnets ensure that your phone stays firmly in place, even during bumpy rides or sharp turns.
  • The anti-slip design of the holder prevents your phone from sliding or falling, even on uneven road surfaces.

Easy Installation and Use

  • The phone holder can be easily attached to the dashboard, windshield or other smooth surface in your car using the included adhesive strip or suction cup.
  • The 360-degree rotating holder allows you to set the optimal viewing angle for your phone, so you always have a clear view of the screen.
  • Simply place the thin metal plate between your phone and case, or stick it directly to the back of your phone. The magnetic attraction does the rest!

Stylish Design in 3 Colors

  • This phone holder is available in three trendy colors: Red, Blue and Black. Choose the color that suits you and your car best, or alternate for a fresh look.
  • The compact and streamlined design of the holder takes up minimal space and does not pose an obstacle in your car.


  • The phone holder is suitable for all smartphones, regardless of brand or model.
  • It can also be used with navigation systems, MP3 players and other mobile devices.

Enjoy Safe and Convenient Use of your Phone in the Car!

Order this magnetic phone holder for the car now and experience the convenience of hands-free use of your phone while driving. Choose from the colors Red, Blue and Black and enjoy a safe and organized car journey!

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