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Bossoftoys - 2-00201 - Spanish Fly - 30 ml - Love drops - handy bottle

Bossoftoys - 2-00201 - Spanish Fly - 30 ml - Love drops - handy bottle

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Bossoftoys - Spanish Fly - 15 ml - Drops - easy bottle - 2-00201

Spanish fly produced on special order for the new line of exclusive aphrodisiacs "BOSS SERIES HEALTH"
They stand out from the competition with a very concentrated recipe, which is why they are 100% effective.
A special recipe based on the experience of Boss of Toys will ignite even the coldest woman.

The preparation enhances sexual sensations and accelerates the achievement of orgasm. When used regularly, you can enjoy sex more and improve the quality of your sex life. It intensifies the desire and desire for sex, increases the intensity and number of orgasms achieved. The preparation is intended for people with difficulties in achieving orgasm, decreased sexual arousal or decreased desire. Specially selected ingredients improve blood flow to the genitals, which increases the sensitivity to sexual stimuli. This allows you to fully experience sexual intercourse.

Spanish fly in the form of a liquid concentrate for men and women, works in minutes. The drops of love, thanks to a selected special composition, have a positive effect: on excitement, enhancing sexual sensations, accelerating the achievement of orgasm, better blood supply to the penis, vagina, and clitoris. The stimulant properties give the man a strong erection. In addition, ginseng and guarana extracts increase the energy dose of both partners.

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