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Meccano Construction Packages. Build Constructions With The Construction Packages from Würth 4 Models

Meccano Construction Packages. Build Constructions With The Construction Packages from Würth 4 Models

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Discover endless building possibilities with the Würth Construction Kits. These building sets provide a great experience for young explorers and construction enthusiasts. With 4 different models similar to Meccano, including a Truck, Tanker, Tube Truck and Crane, this toy will stimulate both children's imagination and technical skills.


  1. Creative building fun: With the Würth Building Kits, children can create their own constructions and let their imagination run wild. Each model offers unique challenges and opportunities for hours of fun.
  2. High-quality parts: The building sets contain high-quality parts that fit together securely. They are designed to ensure long-lasting fun and can be used again and again for new building creations.
  3. Stimulates skills: Building the models promotes children's fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. It challenges them to plan, design and build, stimulating their cognitive and creative skills.
  4. Educational and fun: The Würth Construction Kits combine fun with education. As children build, they learn about structure, mechanics and spatial awareness. It's a great way to increase their knowledge in an interactive and engaging way.


  1. Each kit contains a specific amount of parts, ranging from 149 to 237 pieces, depending on the model. Follow the included instructions carefully to build the models correctly.
  2. Please note the age recommendation and safety instructions on the packaging. This toy is suitable for children of a certain age and may contain small parts that could pose a choking hazard to younger children.
  3. Encourage children's creativity and imagination by encouraging them to create their own designs and variations using the Würth Building Kits.
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