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Faitron HeatsBox Pro - Electric Lunch Box for Hot Meals

Faitron HeatsBox Pro - Electric Lunch Box for Hot Meals

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The Faitron HeatsBox Pro is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy hot meals on the go. This electric lunch box makes it possible to heat up your food and keep it warm, wherever you are. You can easily operate and set up the HeatsBox Pro with the accompanying smartphone app.

Main Features of the Faitron HeatsBox Pro:

  • Electric lunch box for hot meals.
  • Includes smartphone app for operation and settings.
  • Works on 220V for heating up meals.
  • Ideal for on the road, at work, or during travel.

The Faitron HeatsBox Pro is a handy and innovative lunch box with which you can take and heat up hot meals. Whether you are in the office, on the road, or traveling, this lunch box offers the opportunity to enjoy your favorite dishes without having to rely on a microwave. With the smartphone app you can easily adjust and control the temperature and heating time. Choose convenience and enjoy hot meals with the Faitron HeatsBox Pro.

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