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Ink'd Tattoo Total Care - All Day Moisturizer

Ink'd Tattoo Total Care - All Day Moisturizer

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Inx'd Tattoo Total Care - All Day Moisturizer

 Product description
 Inx'd presents unique Tattoo total Care - Moisturizer The Care Line for
 Tattoos INK'D TATTOO CARE is the paraben-free, intensively protective and
 caring line for long-term color retention of tattoos.
 Anyone who has had a tattoo (or permanent make-up) done naturally wants
 to keep it as long as possible in terms of color intensity.
 such as sunlight,
 bathing and showering, but also the natural cell renewal and aging of 
the skin all influences the color, quality and durability of tattoos.
 Specialized care is therefore indispensable. With the INK'D TATTOO CARE
 LINE, SKINACADEMY offers targeted products that ensure that tattoos
 remain beautiful for as long as possible. 

The Skin Academy INK'D Moisturizer with SPF15 protects, nourishes,
 hydrates and improves tattoos and will take care of your skin for the
 best result of your beautiful tattoo. The dedicated Skin Academy
 INK'D line appeals to customers seeking affordable, high-quality
 skin care to enhance, brighten, hydrate and protect their tattoos.
 The range is paraben free and contains active ingredients that help
 condition and nourish the skin to protect tattoos. The Skin Academy
 INK'D Moisturizer with SPF15 moisturizes and protects tattoos.
 The moisturizer nourishes the skin and provides essential natural
 vitamins for a vibrant tattoo. The effect of the Tattoo Care Moisturizer
SPF15: Enriched with Shea Butter, softens and protects the tattoos
 gently moisturizing the skin and providing essential natural vitamins.
 Filled with active ingredients, the INK'D Moisturizer ensures that the
 skin is soothed, hydrated and conditioned, leaving tattoos looking
 vibrant and fresh. Active ingredients: Shea butter, Vitamin E and coconut
 oil. Instructions for use: 1. Apply the moisturizer to clean, dry skin
 twice a day. 2. Massage over the tattoo in small, circular motions until
 completely absorb it 


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