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Killer Clown Mask Transparent

Killer Clown Mask Transparent

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Get ready to send shivers down everyone's spine with this Transparent Clown Horror Mask. With its terrifying and mysterious appearance, this mask is perfect for festivals, theme parties and carnivals where you want to create a creepy atmosphere. With a height of 27 cm and a width of 17 cm, this mask is impressive and will certainly attract attention. Made of high quality plastic, this mask ensures durability and comfort while wearing.


  • Type: Transparent Clown Horror Mask
  • Contents: 1 mask
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Suitable for: Festival, Theme Party, Carnival
  • Dimensions: 27 cm (height) x 17 cm (width)
  • Material: Plastic

Create a terrifying atmosphere: With the Transparent Clown Horror Mask you add an element of tension and fear to your event. Whether you're attending a festival that embraces the dark side, a themed party that focuses on horror, or celebrating carnival with a spooky theme, this mask is the ideal choice to transform yourself into a terrifying clown.

Impressive dimensions for a terrifying appearance: This mask has a height of 27 cm and a width of 17 cm, making it an imposing appearance on your face. With its striking size, the mask will certainly attract attention and have the desired impact. Amaze others with your uncanny transformation and create a lasting impression.

Made of high-quality and durable plastic: The Transparent Clown Horror Mask is made of high-quality plastic, which ensures durability and long-lasting use. The material is sturdy and resistant to wear, so you can wear the mask several times without sacrificing quality. In addition, the plastic ensures comfort while wearing, so you can enjoy your creepy appearance without distraction.

Suitable for various events: Whether you are attending a festival, theme party or carnival, this Transparent Clown Horror Mask is the perfect addition to your costume. It adds an element of mystery and suits different themes, giving you the versatility to wear it on different occasions. Be the scariest clown at the party and amaze others with your scary look.

Make an impression with the Transparent Clown Horror Mask: With the Transparent Clown Horror Mask you make a statement and make others shudder with fear. Add this mask to your cart and get ready

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