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Earrings - Unique and Bold Style with a Wink

Earrings - Unique and Bold Style with a Wink

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Do you want to make a statement and show your personal style? Our striking penis-shaped earrings are the perfect choice. With a set of 2 pieces (1 pair), available in two models - Beige and Glow In the Dark - and a size of approximately 5.5 x 3 cm, these earrings are made of high-quality plastic and iron. Packaged on a handy blister card, these earrings add a playful and daring touch to your outfit.


  • Product: Earrings
  • Model: Penis
  • Quantity: 2 pieces (1 pair)
  • Available models: Beige, Glow In the Dark
  • Dimensions: Approx. 5.5 x 3 cm
  • Material: Plastic, iron
  • Packaging: Blister card

Bold style with a wink: With our penis-shaped earrings you can make a bold statement and express your own personality. These unique earrings are sure to attract attention and add a playful and humorous touch to your look. Whether you wear them to provoke, amuse or simply express your own style, these earrings make for an unforgettable and striking accessory.

Two models to choose from: Beige and Glow In the Dark: Our earrings are available in two striking models: Beige and Glow In the Dark. The Beige model offers a subtle and discreet style, while the Glow In the Dark model glows in the dark, giving you an extra playful effect. Choose the model that best suits your personality and the occasion and let yourself shine.

High Quality Material for Durability and Comfort: These earrings are made of high quality plastic and iron, making them durable and lightweight. They are comfortable to wear and do not irritate your ears. The sturdy construction ensures that the earrings last a long time and retain their shape, even with daily use.

Set of 2 pieces on a handy blister card: Our earrings are supplied in a set of 2 pieces (1 pair), packed on a handy blister card. This packaging protects the earrings from damage and makes it easy to store them when not being worn. You can also gift the earrings to a friend who shares the same bold style.

Add a daring and playful touch to your look with our Earrings - Penis. Order today and let your personality shine!

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