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Cheerful Inflatable Animals Monkey, Flamingo, Crab, Parrot Up to 1.2 meters

Cheerful Inflatable Animals Monkey, Flamingo, Crab, Parrot Up to 1.2 meters

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Bring a touch of cheerfulness and playfulness to your pool party or summer festival with these Cheerful Inflatable Animals. With four different models, including the Pink Flamingo, Crab, Parrot and Monkey, these inflatable animals provide a cozy atmosphere and endless fun. Amaze your guests as they enjoy the sun and water in the company of these adorable companions.


  • Contents: 1 inflatable item
  • Models: Pink Flamingo (60 cm), Crab (44 cm), Parrot (60 cm), Monkey (120 cm)
  • Use: Pool Party, Summer Festival
  • Material: Plastic

A sparkling pool party: These cheerful inflatable animals are the perfect addition to your pool party. Imagine how your guests will be amazed when they are greeted by a vibrant Pink Flamingo, a colorful Crab, an exotic Parrot and a cute Monkey. These inflatable animals will add a festive touch to your party and create a lively and lively atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

Endless fun for young and old: Whether adults who want to relax on an inflatable animal back or children who want to have fun in the water, these Happy Inflatable Animals offer endless fun for young and old. Let your imagination run wild as you float on the back of the Pink Flamingo, have the Crab next to you as a playful companion, the Parrot lands on your shoulder or cling to the soft arms of the Monkey. Experience unforgettable moments of joy and laughter.

High Quality and Durability: These inflatable animals are made of high quality plastic that ensures strength and durability. They are designed to withstand the challenges of water and sun, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment at your pool party or summer festival. The sturdy material and careful construction guarantee that these inflatable animals will be your reliable companions during all your water adventures.

Versatility and Portability: With four different models to choose from, you can choose the inflatable animals that best suit your personality and party theme. Whether you go for the graceful Pink Flamingo, the playful Crab, the colorful Parrot or the adorable Monkey, you're sure to find an inflatable companion to suit your needs.

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