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Playboy Lubricant - Enrich Your Intimate Moments with Sensual Flavors 89ml

Playboy Lubricant - Enrich Your Intimate Moments with Sensual Flavors 89ml

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Whether you are young or old, there are times when you want to enrich intimate moments and make them even more sensual. Our "Playboy Lubricant" with 3 different tempting flavors in a convenient 89 ml bottle is designed to achieve exactly that, allowing you to create pleasurable and exciting experiences.

Most important features:

  • 3 Tempting Flavors: This lube comes with 3 different flavors: cherry, strawberry and vanilla, so you can enjoy varied and delicious sensations.

  • 89 ml Bottle: The handy bottle has a capacity of 89 ml, which is enough to enrich and enhance your intimate moments.

  • Silky Soft Texture: The lubricant has a silky soft texture that provides flexibility and comfort during intimate activities.

  • Water-based Formula: This lube is water-based, which means it is safe to use with latex condoms and sex toys.

  • Easy to Dosage: The bottle has a handy dosing cap to apply the right amount of lubricant.

Enrich your intimate moments with our "Playboy Lubricant - 3 Different Flavors - 89ml." Regardless of your age, you can create enjoyable and exciting experiences with these tempting flavors.

The "Playboy Lubricant - 3 Different Flavors - 89ml" is designed to enrich your intimate moments with sensual flavors and smoothness. Order yours today and enjoy varied and delicious sensations, suitable for all ages.

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