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Metal Butt Plug Set of 3 Plugs in 3 sizes and in 6 different colors

Metal Butt Plug Set of 3 Plugs in 3 sizes and in 6 different colors

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This Metal Butt Plug Set is designed to enrich your exciting adventures and give you the opportunity to experiment with different sizes and colors. Ideal for both beginners and experienced users, this set offers the perfect balance between comfort and sensation.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Different sizes :

This set contains three different sizes of Anal Plugs, so you can choose which one suits you best based on your experience and comfort level.

  • Size S: Diameter 2.7 cm - Length 7 cm
  • Size M: Diameter 3.5 cm - Length 8.5 cm
  • Size L: Diameter 4 cm - Length 9.5 cm

Hypoallergenic Material : The butt plugs are made of high-quality metal that is safe and hypoallergenic for your body. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Comfortable Shape : The tapered shape of the butt plugs allows for easy insertion and comfortable wearing, even during extended use.

Safe Use : Always provide sufficient water-based lubricant and take time to relax during use. Follow proper safety guidelines for anal stimulation.


  • Colors : Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Red, Black, Transparent, Purple
  • Material : High-quality metal
  • Sizes : S, M, L (see specifications above)

Whether you're new to anal stimulation or looking for a versatile set to increase your pleasure, the Metal Butt Plug Set has everything you need. Choose your size and color and discover a world of sensation and pleasure. Don't forget to take precautions for safe and enjoyable use.

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