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Plastic Test Tubes - 0.5 ml (20 Pieces) - Transparent

Plastic Test Tubes - 0.5 ml (20 Pieces) - Transparent

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Whether you are conducting a scientific experiment, storing samples or need small amounts of liquids, our Plastic Test Tubes provide the perfect solution. With a capacity of 0.5 ml and a clear design, they are handy and versatile.


  • 0.5 ml capacity: Ideal for storing and handling small amounts of liquids, samples, chemicals and more. These test tubes are perfect for lab work, research or hobby projects.

  • Clear Design: The transparent plastic allows you to easily see the contents without opening the tube, promoting accuracy and efficiency.

  • 20 Pieces: Each order contains 20 Plastic Test Tubes, so you always have enough tubes on hand for all your needs.

  • Safe and Durable: Made of high quality plastic, these test tubes are strong, puncture resistant and durable. They are suitable for reuse and suitable for different applications.

  • Easy to Label: With a smooth surface, you can easily label these tubes with labels or markers so you can quickly identify the contents.

Whether you are a scientist, researcher, hobbyist, or simply someone who needs reliable and convenient storage, our Plastic Test Tubes - 0.5 ml are a valuable addition to your laboratory or storage supplies.

Order now and experience the versatility and convenience of our Plastic Test Tubes - 0.5 ml - Clear. They are the perfect choice for all your testing and storage needs.

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