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Envelopes - 156x220mm White - The Perfect Packaging for all your Correspondence Needs

Envelopes - 156x220mm White - The Perfect Packaging for all your Correspondence Needs

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Whether you are young or old, there are times when you need a quality envelope to send or store important messages and correspondence. Our 156x220mm Envelopes in classic white are the ideal choice to present your documents in a professional and stylish way.

Most important features:

  • Perfect Size: Measuring 156x220mm, these envelopes provide ample space for standard A4 documents without folding or wrinkling.

  • White and Stylish: The classic white color radiates simplicity and elegance, giving your correspondence a professional look.

  • High-Quality Paper: Our envelopes are made from high-quality paper that resists tears and wrinkles, keeping your documents safe and undamaged.

  • Self-adhesive Closure: Thanks to the self-adhesive closure, you do not have to use extra glue or tape. Close the envelope easily and securely.

  • Versatile Use: Whether you're sending letters, invitations, greeting cards, or business documents, these envelopes are suitable for all kinds of correspondence purposes.

Prepare for any occasion with our 156x220mm Envelopes in white. Whether you're sending personal letters or handling business correspondence, these envelopes provide the perfect packaging for all your needs, regardless of your age.

Our 156x220mm Envelopes in white are the perfect choice for professionally sending or storing your documents. Order them today and experience the easy and stylish solution for all your correspondence needs.

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